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microblading artist

Selena Dailey

Certified as a Microblading technician, Selena takes pride in proper sanitary practices as LA MicroBrow is a TinaDavies disposable needle artist.

Selena Dailey received her training in La Mirada, CA by one of the best training schools, Eyebrow Symmetry. Selena is committed to giving women and men natural long lasting symmetrical eyebrows. She is constantly researching the best and newest products and techniques daily.

Selena was recently won a cash prize for best ombre powder brows at the BrowDaddy Masterclass. Selena is also BrowDaddy certified in Ombre Powder Brows using a machine.

Selena guides you through the color process ensuring the best pigment that is complimentary to your skin and hair tones. She maps out your eyebrows until you approve and then proceeds to numb the eyebrow area. Once the numbing has taken affect Selena begins to microblade, constantly measuring and double checking length and placement of each hair stroke made. She makes you part of the deciding process, 

"These are your eyebrows, they should be done the way you want them done." - Selena 

At the end of the microblading procedure Selena makes any final touches regarding color and length that you want to add. She sends you home with a 3 day supply of ointment and post instructions. 

Selena makes herself available to her clients 24/7

Come into LA MicroBrow and see what I can do for your confidence! Check out my studio located in Glendale, CA.

photo: LA MicroBrow studio.

Selena Dailey is the Artist behind LA MicroBrow. She is passionate about the quality of brows and lips she gives her clients. Selena takes her time listening to her clients wants and needs. Call or text 323.420.6443 to book an appointment or consult.

photo: Artist Selena Dailey. 

by: Illiana Coronado Photography